Why Choose Open Air Jeep To Visit Ha Giang

why choose jeep to visit Ha Giang Loop, Ha Giang Loop with beautiful and spectacular of the landscape and with many slope if sit in a car you gone see over view of the scenary, open air jeep it fun, comfortable and can see over view of the landscape around you it so much fun

Why you should choose jeep tour in Ha Giang, as you know that 90% tourist come to ha Giang and choose motorbike tour for visit Ha Giang Loop yes this one of the best way and interesting way to see the view, but many of you scare of Motorbike and don't want to seat long way around 3 to 400 km seem be tire of you are not really want motorbike, many people book car tour, but as you see Ha Giang Loop most of the beautiful scenary a long the road, a long the way, if you travel by car just seat inside thecar, you gone see all of beautiful you need to stop if you want to looking for view, that will be not really give you to all view of Ha Giang,

Why you choose Open Air Jeep? here you can see oue open air jeep, sit behind open air jeep you will see over view of the landscape same as you sit on the motorbike, but open air jeep much safe and much more fun, and unique, if you area abit older people, or are you scare of motorbike but would like to see the view same as motorbike open air jeep will be the best choose, if you book car tour, car can not driver in the trail or dirt road, off road, so Jeep Tour will be the best 

We Highly recommend you do Ha Giang Loop by open air jeep 

here some picture of open air jeep tour

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