where the best please to visit in the north east of vietnam

Ha Giang Loop need to visit in 2023, ha giang loop one of the most spectacular of the landscape in the north of vietnam there are 300km mountian range by limestone, with many beautiful mountain villages and see the deep valley,come to ha giang loop you still can see the live of people wide

In Asia, there are only 4 representatives on the list, including Vietnam, Japan, Bhutan and India. In Vietnam, the American newspaper suggested taking an "adventurous and exciting" bicycle trip through the Ha Giang rocky plateau. The steep roads, winding passes and winding roads of this highland road are dangerous but also very interesting.

Road improvement projects and new luxury accommodation facilities make the area more accessible to tourists. Coming to Ha Giang, one of the fascinating experiences is taking a boat through the canyon on the emerald river at Ma Pi Leng Pass. Through winding roads, visitors can go to the villages of the Hmong and Tay people scattered on the hillsides to learn about their culture and life.travel to Ha Giang there are many different way to travel by car, motorbike, jeep, we would like to recommend you to do Ha Giang Loop by motorbike with easy riders, if you are don't have international motorbike driving license you can do Easy riders, if are you would like to have more comfortable and unique but the way you still can see over of landscape all the time Open Air Jeep will be the Best choose for you - Ha Giang jeep Tour Hightly recomend 

Ha Giang is a famous tourist destination not only for domestic tourists but also international tourists. Places not to be missed in the homeland include: milestone 0, Quan Ba twin mountains, Dong Van old town, Dong Van market, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng, Pao's house, mansion Vuong family, Dong Van stone plateau, Tu San alley, Hoang Su Phi...if you do it one open air jeep it will be so much fun, and no need to stop like car on open air jeep you will see all of view aorund you as another tour can not see, GO TO HA GIANG jeep will be a option for you to choose 
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