what is the best way trave in Ha Giang Loop

what is the best way travel to Ha Giang Loop, one of the best way travel to ha giang loop transfer from Hanoi to Ha giang sleeper bus, or limousine, for travel in the loop, one of the best way by motorbike and easy riders this way will be more interesting way to see Ha Giang Loop, or by car, for trekking tour it good for people love trekking but ha giang loop very large in 350km trekking need combine with motorbike this will be great way,and open air jeep will be most interesting way

what is the best way travel to Ha Giang Loop 

Ha Giang located north of hanoi about 350km to travel to Ha Giang we would recommend you travel to Ha Giang city first then you will travel to the loop 

for travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang there are 2 option you would save more money than private car transfer

most of people travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang by night sleeper bus, this one of the best way and travel to ha Giang there are 2 different kind of sleeper bus, vip sleeper bus cabin it much more comfortable and abit more expensive than reguler one price for vip cabin from 400.000 vnd/ person to 450.000/ person depend of seat and also depend of the date as will

for the regular sleeper bus price is 300.000 vnd/ person but this bus more people, still good mostly bus to Ha Giang is new busese very good condition you can choose bus suittable for you

and another more and lets stop and much faster by limousine van,  limousine price around 450.000 vnd / person

What is the best way travel in Ha Giang loop

as you know ha giang loop cover around 450 km long and there are many beautiful places, and a lot of villages and 19 different ethnic minorities live n the loop, each area you will see defferent of the beautiful, and also you will see different of the villages and different of ethnic minorities, and there are many backroad, small road car not access, motorbike can go every where, so motorbike will be one of the best way

why motorbike be one of the best way to visit Ha Giang Loop, for motorbike travel to the loop you can see all of the view on the way, most of the besutfil landscape on the way last for 350km so motorbike will be the best can turn inside the villages by small road easy, can have chance to driver though inside the village, you will have more time and it more interesting and fun way to travel by motorbike, if are you  can not driver motorbike, in Ha Giang there any many tour by easy riders it safe with proffesional local riders 

travel to Ha Giang Loop by open air jeep this will be second option for you but a bit more expensive than motorbike but jeep tour, but you have this tour will be more people say this wow jeep, jeep it more fancy and unique, and luxury

if you are choose jeep tour it good, it rain you not get wet becuase open air jeep have loop cover, and more comfortable

and another way if you area could like more comfortable and air condition, car tour, car is the best comfortable, but only way that scenary you not see over view it lost the way to see scenary 

so final recommend you do motorbike tour by self rider if you have international motorbike driving license, of not you book a tour have riders, and fancy way travel to the loop by open air jeep, can see all of the view but more prices 

car the last recommended 



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