How To treavel To Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang loop one of the most spectacular of the landscape in vietnam travel to Ha Giang Loop by many different way, travel by bus, van, car, Motorbike, easy riders, and one of the most famous way for tourist come to Ha Giang to travel is Motorbike with easy riders, travel by motorbike you will see more landscape, and another become more interesting is open air jeep, that will be great way to travel can see all of the scenary some as motorbike but more comfortable and suitable for old people, and for people dont know how to ride motorbike, jeep be come very good option for you to visit Ha Giang Loop

How to Travel to Ha Giang City

For travel to Ha Giang City by car, bus, limousine, most people travel to Ha Giang city by night sleeper bus, if you would like to have more comfortable you should choose, vip sleeper bus cabin, (Local people call Xe cung Dien ) this vip sleeper bus they will pick up from the old quarter, this bus more comfortable, biger bed and private cabin, you would have better sleep, this sleeper bus only use for 28 to 30 people but a bit more expensive than reguler bus( price around 22 usd / person/ 1 way ) the bus company name we would recommend is, BANG PHAN, VINH THIEN, CAU ME, .... 

so if you dont want to take sleeper bus we recommend you to tke limousine van, limousine van will pick up from your hotel much more convenience, you dont need to go to bus stop, limousine have 2 depature time, 6.30 am or 15.30 pm both take around 5,5 hours to arrive to Ha Giang

if you are more private dont want to wait for any one, want to have more time customize, recommend take and book own private car recommend this company authentic car, 0986259477 

How to Travel to Ha Giang Loop 

Ha Giang Loop as you know that it so so beautiful landscape with many beautiful of valley, mountain range, and limestone mountain villages, most of the beautiful in 350km2 all time you see it beautiful, the beautiful not in one places, you will see beautiful in every moment so you need to choose some specail way to visit Ha Giang Loop, we would like to recommend you some way to travel to Ha Giang 

Top 1 Motorbike, Dirt Bike, Easy Riders, this one of the best way to travel to Ha Giang Loop, now 90% tourist travel to Ha Giang All travel by Motorbike with easy riders or if you have an international motorbike license you can ride your own, why choose motorbike with easy riders? mottorbike it good fun and it very usefull for visit HA GIANG LOOP, because all beutiful scenrary in the road, so on the motorbike you can see all of the landscape and also some backraod, off roaf valley car not access only Motorbike can driver though, you will have chance to see more beautiful scenary and all time you can look on the beautiful of Ha Giang loop, it better than sit in a car, in the car you only see one way not make you feel all of the beautiful that why motorbike one of the best way to visit Ha Giang Loop 

Some Picture of Motorbike Tour 


Top 2 Open Air Jeep why jeep become top 2, as many people travel to Ha Giang would like to see beautiful ha Giang loop but scare of Motorbike, and car only can see in one sigh can not see over view of the lanscape will not feeling all of nice places, and Ha Giang Jeep Tour will be second option, Top 2 Option to travel to the loop by open air jeep, open air jeep you can travel and have more comfortable, safer than motorbike, 

Why you should choose Ha Giang Jeep Tour, Open air jeep it give you cool, and open all the loop you can see all view and scenary around, and comfortable for people are you don't like motorbike and jeep also driver in the rocky road and and backroad, off road, as normal car can not go, and jeep will have much more fun, Fancy and unique, and many people will look on you saif wow  this some

Pictures of open air jeep 


Top 3 Car tour, car tour is suitable for who want comfortable and relaxing and only want to see some point and want to be normal advenure 

this th way we would recommend 

picture of car 


hoi an vespa tour

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