Ha Giang Open Air Jeep half Day Tour $ 75 vnd 1.850.000/ Person



Ha Giang Jeep Half day Tour 


Price Quotation in USD / person

2 pax

3-5 pax

 6-8 pax

9 pax up

Ha Giang Open Air Jeep 



$ 45

 $ 49

Tour have 3 option starting time 
Moring Tour start at 8.30 - 12.00 pm 

Afternoon Tour start 12.30 - 16.30 

Afternoon another start 14.30 - 18.030 pm
Call or WhatsApp to Book  

Hotline 1: Ms. Jena +84978824660

Hotline 2: Mr Thai  +84867090477
Email: info@peakriders.net 


The Brief Ha Giang Jeep Half Day Tour 


Open air jeep Pick up from your hotel - visit Ha Giang city Km 0- driver though rural villages, Visit thon Ta Village - Ha Thanh Village - Phuong thien village, driver though back road, off road, see amazing of the landscape 

why this Jeep tour for half day,   as we see a lot of tourist come to Ha Giang city Day Before to wait for the loop tour on next day, as you have a lot of time don't know what to see and what to visit, as you know that around Ha Giang city there are many thing to see and visit and open air jeep also be special and unque way to see The area, it so much fun


The Detail 


You will get pick up at your hotel stay or homestay around Ha Giang City by Open Air jeep, fist meet our guide will have intruduce about the itinerary and tell you where to visit

our jeep and guide will  driver around Ha Giang city for you to see over view of Ha Giang city then stop at Km 0 the check in point and learn some history of Ha Giang city 

Next place you will get on open air jeep again continue driver a long national of Thanh Thuy Road to visit 2 amazing village where you can see beautiful of house architecture, and rice paddies fields, first village will take you to visit is Thon Tha where Tay ethnic minority who live in this village, our jeep will driver though inside the village, and will have stop at the village for you to visit a local family to learn they local cultures,

after visit Thon Tha our jeep continue driver to visit Ha Thanh Village, where you will see amazing of traditional house and have a walk around the villages, after visit 2 villages where then will come 


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Mr. Khang – Director 


Mr Khang was born in Ha Giang from small village on the top of the mountain, i am a ethnic minority in Ha Giang, my minority is TAY the live  in my village very poor of over 10 years ago, Khang  Love tourism then Khang Decited to study at tourism univercity be come a tour guide - so am I graduated tourism university in 2008 and had over 10 years work as a tour guide in all over vietnam and also being motorcycle tour guide car tour tourguide, and office tour operator. now i see my countryside in Ha Giang so beautiful landscape, I see Motorbike must be the best way to see landscape But Motorbike for old people and many people scare on Motorbike, i see open air Jeep one of the best way, SafeFun and comfortable for you to visit Ha Giang Loop by open air Jeep, Open air Jeep help you can see every thing around you, and i also arrange the motorbike for people love adventure and love motorbike can ride through some road as car can not come though, and Khang Also want to bring good Job for local people and handle for a lot of poor people from my village so that why Ha Giang Jeep Tours born today ! welcome to our Ha Giang Jeep Tour 


I hope my story will come to you and you will come with my tour, i am write in english not so well but i hope that you coulc understand my english story 


Mr Khang Ceo, founder Ha Giang Jeep Tour 

Ms Van Manager of Sales and Marketing
With a comprehensive background in tourism, including graduating from Tourism University and accumulating extensive industry experience, I possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies surrounding Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Ms. Thuy Sale Executive 

Ms Vi - Customer Service Manager 

As your go-to resource for exceptional customer service, Ms. Vi is committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring that every aspect of your journey with us is met with professionalism and care.

Mr Thai- Tour Operator 
As your trusted liaison, Mr. Thai oversees all aspects of your travel arrangements, from coordinating expert tour guides and experienced drivers to securing accommodations and arranging additional services

Ms. Phuong - Sales Manager 

Ms Quynh Tour Operation 

Ms Linh is Marketing Excutive 

Mr Duong Product Manager 

Mr Phuong Sales Coordinator

Mr Dang Tour Operator

Mr Duc Anh Sale Executive  


Mr Quan Customer Care

Ms Thuy Sales Manager

Ms Thom Marketing Manager

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