A Glimpse Of Ha Giang Jeep Tour 2 Days 1 Night $ 299 vnd 7.325.000/ Person

 Ha Giang Jeep Tour 2 Days 1 Night 
Option 1: Price: $ 298 vnd 7.450.000/Person Hight quality Small Group Max 4 people/ one Jeep
Specail price if your group have 7- 8 people we will offer price $ 199 usd/ person 
Option 2:  Private Tour customize  Minimum from 2 pax 
Price Quotation in USD / person 2 pax 3-4 pax 5 pax 6 - 10 pax up
Ha Giang Private Jeep Tour $330 $ 298 $ 279 $ 249
Call or WhatsApp to Book  
Hotline 1: Ms. Jena +84978824660 
Hotline 2: Mr Thai  +84867090477
Email: info@peakriders.net 
The Brief Ha Giang Jeep 2 Days 1 Night 
Day 0: Pick up from Hanoi Transfer to Ha Giang by Vip sleeper bus Cabin or by limousine, Vip Sleepes Bus pick up at 20.00 pm transfer arrive at 3 am get free accommodation sleep untill 8 am ( or you can reques for transder day time we have 2 option leave Hanoi at 6.30 am or 15.30 pm )   
Day 1: Ha Giang City - Pac Sun Pass - Heaven Gate - Nam Dam Village - Can Ty slope -Yen Minh - Tham Ma Road -Hmong Kinh Palace- Dong Van Town ( stay over Night in Dong Van Town) 
Day 2: Dong Van - Happy Road - Ma Pi Leng Pass - Meo Vac - Ma Road - Mau Due Valley - Yen Minh - Quang Ba - Ha Giang - Back To Hanoi by Vip Sleeper bus Cabin leave at 8 pm arrive to Hanoi around 3 am vip bus drop off at the old quarter walk back to your hotel  
Tour includes: Pick up and frop off from Hanoi, Transfer by vip sleeper Bus cabin,  English speaking guide,Open Air Jeep with driver experiences Ha Giang Road, All Food includes, 2 Breakfast, 1 Dinner, 2 Lunch, Accommodation at typical tradional House in a private room, all entrance tecket fees, water during the tour

Wh you should choose army open air jeep to visit Ha Giang Loop?
As you know Ha Giang Loop over of the trip for 2 days 3 days or 4 days tour will cover around 50 to 450km  and every moment you will see amazing landscape and so much beautiful places but all of the beautiful places stay on the road on the way, if seat in a car you will not have chance to see it all, on the back of open air jeep you can see all of the view, where ever you get driver pass 
- Ha Giang Jeep Tour on the back will carry all of your luggues and you can see all of the view on the back of open air jeep 
- If you are not confident to ride motorbike care of motorbike not feel safe for you open air jeep will be the best choise 
- Are your family have small kids? it not suitable for small kids on the motorbike with riders too tires Ha Giang Jeep Tour will be your tour for you to choose 
- Are you family have old poeple want to have comfortable but still want to see open air see every thing on the road, want to see all of landscape this jeep tour will be thing todo 
- Are you want to do some thing special for your holiday or you want to see some thing different and safe Jeep tour Ha Giang will be the way for you 
- Are you scare to go with Motorbike scarely of rain and too sunny Ha Giang Jeep we do open air and also flexible to cover the loop incase is rain, or if you don't want to have sunny we have loop to cover this will be perfect trip for you choose
Our different Jeep in Ha Giang an other company use chinese car it not jeep, and open only the loop not open the fond grass it so hot to use that car, and only can open the windo so it the same car Our army jeep we have flexible can open fond grass you can see all of the view and cool and better way for you see the landscape 
The Detail Itinerary of Jeep Tours Ha Giang 2 Days 1 Night
Day 1: Ha Giang city - Pac Sun Pass - Heaven Gate - Nam Dam Village - Can Ty slope -Yen Minh - Tham Ma Road -Hmong Kinh Palace- Dong Van Town ( stay over Night in Dong Van Town) 
Our Ha Giang Jeep Tour starts at 8.00 am at our office in Ha Giang City, Or we pick up you at your hotel stay around Ha Giang City, then you will have a short brief of the tour detail itinerary before tour depatures
During your first day, the Jeep Tour Ha Giang will driver for you to see the most impressive of the scenery with spectacular of the landscapes and breathtaking views. just after 10 minutes driver ourside of the city,  you will see Amazing of mountains &  snake road and start can see stuning view and see beautiful of mountain..
The first impressive pass you can see spectacular landscape from Pac sum Pass with heigh altitude over 1000m above the level,  you will feel the temperature change much cooler,  thenOur Jeep have stop  at the view point for you  enjoy the first panorama view, where you can see the valley and villages, with amazing stunning view
After enjoying the view from Pac Sum Pass, you will hop on Jeep again, on open air jeep during driver you still can see the beautiful landcandscape and valley, then our jeep driver again through the rock limestone mountain and villages, with many feelings of beautiful scenery then you will arrive at the Heaven Gate where you see amazing landscape and the huge and deep valley with the spectacular landscape where you will see and say wow wow amazing after enjoying the view from Heaven Gate
Now our open air jeep start driver down to the valley of Tam Son Town, on the way to Tam Son town you can see  deep valley tothe we driver though the backroad to  visit  Lung Tam Village  where Dao Minority people live, jeep will have parking at the village, you will have some walk around the village, our guide will take you to visit some local family, you will learn the local culture

We Leave the Lung Tam village  and back to the main road continue driver to Yen Minh, on the way to Yen Minh our jeep will driver pass, Can Ty Slope pass where you will see main rocky mountain and villages of Hmong minority, driver up to Can Ty Pass, driver up to the peak you will see panorama View of the valley, where you can see spectacular of the landscape seeing an amazing rock limestone mountain that starts off the line of the Karst plateau Geopark. then we stop at the Viewpoint at Lao Chai Village to have lunch, where you have a chance to see beautiful terraced rice paddies fields from restaurant view point 

After Lunch you will get on the Jeep again continue to Dong Van on the way to Dong Van The Dong Van on the way to Dong Van you will have many stop to visit famous places, after 20 minutes driver our jeep will driver up to Tham Ma road, to have stop to visit and see 9 step road where famous of all tourist come to have picture and see the panorama view of the road and landscape 

Before driving to the town of Dong Van Town, you will make a stop at the residence of the Vuong family, which is still called “Hmong King Palace”. The trip will then continue to Dong Van Town, on the back of Jeep you will spectacular of the landscape, see amazing of  dong van karst global geopark, when jeep arrive to Dong Van town check in the room and you will have free time to discover Dong Van Town and stay overnight in Dong Van at Typical tradional House in private room

Day 2: Dong Van - Happy Road - Ma Pi Leng Pass - Meo Vac - Ma Road - Mau Due Valley - Yen Minh - Quang Ba - Ha Giang - Back To Hanoi by Vip Sleeper bus Cabin 

After breakfast At 8.30 am Check out the room then take all lugguges up to the jeep and start leave dong van to have most beautiful day 

First our Jeep Tour starts driver through Happy Road, you will have a chance to see the most spectacular landscape of Ha Giang and see the heaven pass and amazing we call Ma Pi Leng Pass where you can see most spectacular of the landscape from the road and from the panorama view points, see huge Valley and  see Nho Que River under neath.

This pass is well known, most tourists call this the most beautiful part of the loop.on the back of open air jeep you can stand up to see over view of the valley and Nho Que river, our jeep driver though Ma Pi Leng Pass, this most impressive road, on the back of open air jeep you will see and say wow how beautiful of it, then have stop at the panorama view for you have some walk and stop to enjoy the view and take picture of nho Que river and over view of Valley 

After Ma Pi Leng Pass our jeep driver continue to Meo Vac on the way to Meo Vac Town will driver though valley, and driver pass Meo Vac town if today have market day you will have stop for 30 minutes to visit local market, then moveing to see most famous Pass of Ha Giang Loop we Call M Slope then continue driver so many beautiful places and see thousand of limestone mountain, and we sure that you don't want to go home you want to continue of your trip it so beautiful of the landscape on the way

Our jeep driver though the Mau Due valley village and stop for lunch at the local restaurant, after lunch get of jeep continue driver to Yen Minh town for continue back to Ha Giang city, from Yen Minh Back to Ha Giang city will go pass, Quan ba, pacsum pass and our tour will finish around 17.00 pm to 17.30 pm,

arrive to Ha Giang City you will have relax take shower then have dinner by your self next of our office, then wait for vip sleeper bus cabin take you back to Hanoi bus leave at 20.00 Pm arrive to Hanoi around 3.30 to 4 am and bus drop at central of Hanoi old quarter then your self go to your hotel  

                                                                          BOOK THIS TOUR 

Mr. Khang – Director 

Mr Khang was born in Ha Giang from small village on the top of the mountain, i am a ethnic minority in Ha Giang, my minority is TAY the live  in my village very poor of over 10 years ago, Khang  Love tourism then Khang Decited to study at tourism univercity be come a tour guide - so am I graduated tourism university in 2008 and had over 10 years work as a tour guide in all over vietnam and also being motorcycle tour guide car tour tourguide, and office tour operator. now i see my countryside in Ha Giang so beautiful landscape, I see Motorbike must be the best way to see landscape But Motorbike for old people and many people scare on Motorbike, i see open air Jeep one of the best way, SafeFun and comfortable for you to visit Ha Giang Loop by open air Jeep, Open air Jeep help you can see every thing around you, and i also arrange the motorbike for people love adventure and love motorbike can ride through some road as car can not come though, and Khang Also want to bring good Job for local people and handle for a lot of poor people from my village so that why Ha Giang Jeep Tours born today ! welcome to our Ha Giang Jeep Tour 


I hope my story will come to you and you will come with my tour, i am write in english not so well but i hope that you coulc understand my english story 


Mr Khang Ceo, founder Ha Giang Jeep Tour 

Ms Van Manager of Sales and Marketing
With a comprehensive background in tourism, including graduating from Tourism University and accumulating extensive industry experience, I possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies surrounding Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Jeep Company Team 

Ms. Thuy Sale Executive  

Ms Vi - Customer Service Manager 

As your go-to resource for exceptional customer service, Ms. Vi is committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring that every aspect of your journey with us is met with professionalism and care.

Mr Thai- Tour Operator 
As your trusted liaison, Mr. Thai oversees all aspects of your travel arrangements, from coordinating expert tour guides and experienced drivers to securing accommodations and arranging additional services

Ms. Phuong - Sales Manager 

Ms Quynh Tour Operation 

Ms Linh is Marketing Excutive 

Mr Duong Product Manager 

Mr Phuong Sales Coordinator

Mr Dang Tour Operator

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