Which transportation can Ha Giang open air jeep provide for tourists?

Ha Giang acttrac many tourists who love the concept of "travel" and conquest.Known for its majestic and overwhelming beauty of vast untouched forests and winding roads.


Ha Giang's terrain is located high up with many rolling mountains, the road going uphill is long and winding, so although the distance is not far, the travel is much longer and more difficult than other places. About 300km from Hanoi, it usually takes passengers 7-10 hours to travel to Ha Giang depending on the route and vehicle you choose.Getting to Ha Giang  is very easy , the Ha Giang jeep tour  provide the best transportations for you.



Tourists will be transfer from Hanoi, this is only way to go to Ha Giang.  From Hanoi, almost every hour there are far buses departing from My Dinh, Luong Yen, Yen Nghia, Gia Lam bus stations.But the Ha Giang Jeep tour just  pick up /drop off around Old Quarter -  the center of Hanoi. Tourists can choose high-quality sleeper buses or limousines, depending on their finances. However, you should travel by night bus to save time and conserve energy for the long journey of discovery. 



The Ha Giang open air jeep tour give  you 2 options for transportations depending on your times and finance as below 

1. Luxury limousine and cabin bus : you will be have 2 options to choose depending on the your times. if you dont want to tranfer by overnight you could do the limousine.Moreover,  you could  a large and comfortable  cabin that make you have a good sleep during the trip. 

2. Normal bus- this is the good choice to save your money. it 's a local bus with a small beds.


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