Ha Giang Open- Air jeep tour in Spring

Ha Giang is one of the most beautiful land in the northern of Vietnam. Tourists can visit the land any time of year and Spring is one of the best times to visit Ha Giang. it cool and nice time to visit


Sping is considered as the most beautiful season of the year  when tourist come to Ha Giang you will be admire the most spectacular and majestic landscape. Sping  is not the best time to do the loop but it will give you the specific experience that other can give you. join in Ha Giang Open air jeep tour team, toursit will see over view of the sping that you can see when do by any transportations.



During the tour, the Ha Giang jeep tour will take you to see over view of its majestic mountain scenery and winding roads on the rocky mountainside like a silk strip across the sky, but it is also beautiful because of the cultural colors hidden in it. Colorful weekly markets stretch from Quan Ba to Dong Van, Meo Vac, or Khau Vai love market for couples' love. Walled roofs and stone fences lie precariously on the mountainside, the vast green of corn. And every spring, that land has many flowers that captivate the hearts of many travelers.



Spring in Ha Giang as when the land of gray cat-ear rocks "blooms". Everywhere is the yellow of mustard flowers, the pure white of plum blossoms, the crimson of peach blossoms, the bright pink and purple of buckwheat flowers, the dark color of elastic flowers... It's hard to use words to describe. Just know that many people who go to Ha Giang want to return there many more times...

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