Ha Giang Jeep Tour on Ma Pi Leng

on the back of open air jeep driver though Ma Pi Leng Pass, this one of the best way and comfortable way to see the view and landscape, on the back of opan air army jeep you will see over view of the landscape and see to nho que river, Nho que jeep will be amazing

Ha Giang Jeep tour on Happy road driver though Ma Pi Leng Pass this will be most interesting way to see most spectacular of the landscape, this so much fun, on the back of open air jeep driver though the main road, you can have stand on the jeep you can see the view of the landcape 

this open air jeep when stop can open like this you will have chance to see aver view, if you come to ha giang could do a tour like this if you have old people, can not do motorbike should book and do a tour by open air jeep 

why should choose jeep tour in Ha Giang? 

if you come to ha giang do the car tour it too boring, because most of the beautiful landscape stay in on the way, if you seat in the car you can not see all of the landscape, only can see in one side, that not so good, here the open air jeep it so much fun, a lot of windy and make you feel cool 


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