Ha Giang Jeep tour in Summer

What's beautiful in Ha Giang in summer? Should tourists go to Ha Giang in the summer? summer time still be most beautiful time every thing is green, blue sky and see longger and much more beautiful but only some time have big rain, but after rain get blue sky, recommend do summer time on open air jeep


It is not difficult to find the answer to the question of what Ha Giang has in summer. and join with ha Giang Jeep Tour  team , you will be discover countless interesting things. The mountain and forest scenery here easily captivates people's hearts.We often know Ha Giang with peach blossoms and plum blossoms blooming in the sky in spring. In autumn, Ha Giang seems to be covered with golden ripe rice along the horizon. And in winter, visitors will admire the fields of pink buckwheat flowers. And so what do you can admire in the summer? just follow Ha Giang Jeep Tour to get the answer!


1.  Buckwheat flowers 
This off-season buckwheat flower is grown in Quyet Tien commune, Hanh Phuc street. Located on the road from Ha Giang to Yen Minh and in Quan Ba.Coming to Ha Giang in the summer and sit on the open air jeep you can also encounter buckwheat flower fields on the road that you pass during the tour. The flower fields in summer will not be as vast and brilliant as in winter, but they will still have enough pink highlights for the mountains and forests. That has helped make summer in Ha Giang more colorful.
The summer buckwheat triangle has its own beauty. Not magical and elegant like a winter day, but brilliant and vibrant under the summer sun. The flowers look radiant like Northeast girls. Immerse yourself in the color of flowers and you will feel your sadness disappear.
2.  the pure white flowers
If it's the first time you hear the name of this flower, you will probably feel very strange. If you haven't had the chance to see this flower, come to Ha Giang this summer. This is considered an ideal place to see tiger flowers.
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